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Welcome to Cura Placida – Children's Cancer Research Foundation

Endowment for Children with Cancer

Gentle healing, in Latin ‘cura placida’ – the promotion of the development of gentle and protective healing processes for children with cancer is the main goal of the endowment, Cura Placida – Children's Cancer Research Foundation. 

In today’s times, cancer in children is in many cases – although tragically not in all – a healable illness. The therapy types used today are generally a combination of chemotherapy, radiation with high-energy rays, and surgery. For affected children, these therapy types are, however, often a great pain and can involve undesired long-term side effects. Especially with children, who still have their lives ahead of them, these consequences can be difficult to handle. 

With the deciphering of the human genetic code (genome) a few years ago, the medical understanding of the development of cancer has clearly deepened. New analytic procedures in this area (for example high-throughput technologies) these days often allow us to analyze the molecular mechanisms of his/her cancer illness for individual patients, and to selectively identify therapeutic target structures on the level of DNA, RNA, Protein and cellular function. Therapy procedures derived from this promise targeted and thereby also gentler healing procedures (lat. Cura Placida) in the future for children with cancer.

The development of such specific healing procedures is expensive. The promotion through public financiers is not sufficient for rapid turnaround. Also, the pharmaceutical industry cannot satisfactorily propel research in this area, since cost effectiveness as compares to the common public diseases is generally significantly lower.

That is why Cura Placida – Children's Cancer Research Foundation – Endowment for Children with Cancer was called into existence. Through it, individuals – so also you – can support this important area with targeted financial assistance. With your help research will be develop gentler and more protective healing procedures to children with cancer faster and in a more targeted fashion. You can help here to attain this goal!