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MondoA PEs

Within a research project funded also by Cura Placida, a new very promising target structure - called MondoA - has been identified for leukemia therapy.  This target structure is essential and specific in the metabolism of cancer cells.  The discovery will make it possible to target this "Achilles' heel" of cancer cells with drugs, thereby combating them while sparing healthy tissue.  The research was conducted at the TUM Research Centre for Children with Cancer under the direction of Professor Stefan Burdach in collaboration with Poul HB Sorensen, MD, PHD, Johal Chair in Childhood Cancer Research, Distinguished Scientist, British Columbia Cancer Research Centre, and published in a highly recognized medical journal.


10.05.2021

Cura Placida Foundation. New Examination can Predict Effectiveness of Chemotherapy in Cases of Osteo-sarkoma

The most common form of bone cancer, osteo-sarkoma, affects most of all pubescent young people. This aggressive illness used to result mostly in death. Since the introduction of new intensive chemotherapy at the start of the 80s, which now, together with a radical tumor operation, represents the therapeutic gold standard, healing chances have clearly risen: approximately two out of three patients with this illness can today be healed.

23.07.2010

Battle against cancer with children decorated

Munich research group receives Kind-Philipp-Award for its work on stem cells and cancer risk
Scientists of the hospital for pediatric and youth medicine of the Klinikum Schwabing and the Klinikums rechts der Isar of the Technical University München (director: Prof. Stefan Burdach) today received the coveted Kind-Philipp-Prize of the Kind-Philipp-Endowment for leukemia research. The worldwide highest endowed prize for pediatric oncological research honors in particular the work of the research group around clinic director Prof. Stefan Burdach with regard to the role of stem cells and cancer risk

28.05.2010

Forever Young? Stem Cells and Cancer Risk: Research Group of the Kinderklinik München Schwabing Discovers Key Mechanism in Embryonic Tumor Stem Cells

Stem cells are as sought after in medicine as they are feared. They promise healing and eternal youth, however, they are also the primary cause of deadly cancer diseases.

16.03.2009